All About Solar
What is solar Energy?

Did you know that the amount of energy the earth receives in an hour of sunlight is greater than the energy used by everyone in the world in a year? This makes solar, a Latin word for "sun," a very efficient source of energy if properly utilized by homeowners. Solar power is a significant source of energy that can be used to help lower electricity costs.

Why Should One Go Solar?
  • Tax Credits and Incentives

Every installation of a solar device in the U.S. receives a 30% tax credit of the purchase price from the federal government. This tax credit is followed by incentives, grants and rebates provided by various state governments. To learn more about the particular incentives and rebates offered by your state, click here.

  • Low Cost and Money Saver

Because most solar systems have a life-expectancy of 40 to 50 years and can be warranted for as long as 25 years, the cost of installing a solar system is actually quite minimal, Various incentives and tax credits bring down the cost of going solar even further. Plus, once you start using the system, you will see that it eventually ends up paying for itself by saving you big money in an age of ever-increasing power rates. Depending on where you live, going solar can save you thousands on your electricity bill each year.

  • Easy Financing

Green energy has the reputation of being expensive, and that's certainly been the case for solar power in the past. But with the introduction of 30% federal tax credits, the availability of cheap solar panels overseas, and the sudden increase in third-party leasing companies, your start-up costs are practically nothing. New easy financing options now let you lease or purchase your solar energy system.

  • Environment friendly

Solar power is a clean source of energy, generating power without emitting carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere. It saves our planet from pollution and global warming.

In 2012, 83,000 Americans installed solar energy panels in their homes. This number is 55% higher than the previous year. Easy financing coupled with the multiple benefits of solar power are making this energy source very attractive to homeowners.

What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of other Americans who are saving money, saving the environment, and saving energy by going solar today!